Lose Weight Quickly

9 Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Everyone that wants to lose weight tries to lose it as soon as possible. For shedding those pounds, let’s look at 16 ways that you can lose weight quickly.

9. Make Little Adjustments

Everyone is familiar with the story of the self-pledge to eat healthier or add a standard daily exercise routine to their schedule. However, it’s not long until you chomping down bags of candies and giving into the temptation of those beautiful pastries in the bakery.Lose Weight Quickly

Then it’s some cocktails or beers with the friends. Oh yeah, that pledge I made to myself. I’ll get started on that tomorrow.

Instead of trying to change it all, just begin with little adjustments to your daily life. Just one or two to start and when you’re comfortable with those and they become a habit, maybe tweak things a bit more and add another healthy habit.

8. Not The Usual

Some people have busy schedules and that often means a lot of eating. Try to cut back on the eating out and if you do eat out, don’t get “the usual”. Take a look at the menu and see if there is something like a salad that might satisfy your taste buds and appetite.

7. Skip The Snack Aisle

This might be hard for many people to do. Stop routinely buying snacks at the grocery. Make it so if you want a candy bar, you have to leave home to get it. When grocery shopping, replace the usual salty snacks with fruits or other healthy snacks.

6. The 300 Calorie Breakfast as per Venus Factor Program

Famous female fitness program like VenusFactor does not recommend skipping breakfast altogether. Instead it encourrages healthy dose of breakfast to rev up metabolism.This may sound counter-intuitive for those trying to lose weight quickly. Don’t skip breakfast. Instead, just have a small 300 calorie breakfast. This can simply be a piece of bread with peanut butter or something else equally as small. It’ll save you from trying to make up for that skipped breakfast at lunch. [read more here]

5. 5 Minute Fitness

Fit in small workouts throughout your day. This could be doing jumping jacks during commercials or walking while washing dishes. It really is up to you, but whatever you choose, it should burn extra calories without cutting into your day.

4. No Smoking

Replace lighting up a cigarette with a healthy habit. This is often a favorite for smokers that also want to go to the gym. Instead of craving a smoke, they crave a rep.

3. Purge

Deep clean the pantry and toss out or give away anything that you enjoy a little more than you should. This helps a lot of people make healthier choices for snacks and when they restock at the store.

2. Healthy Happy Hour

Replace the after work dinner or drinks with an activity. Do walks or runs with co-workers; maybe even bicycle rides are doable with the right co-workers and the right location.

1. Load Up On Vegetables

Instead of ordering that pepperoni pizza, order it with a selection of your favorite vegetables or fruits for the topping to lose weight quickly. It’ll leave you feeling more full and less inclined to dip into those unhealthy snacks.


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