The Body Fuel System Review

BODY_FUEL_SYSTEMThe Body Fuel System is a program that provides instructions on how food works with your body and the actions that can be taken to achieve an ideal weight.

Perhaps needless to say,  there are a number of Body Fuel System reviews  on the internet because of its popularity. The diet is based on Gluten Free which is proven to be very effective in losing weight and improving overall health.

Watch the Video overview below by Betty Rocks to learn more about the entire program.

What Does BFS Program Contains?

Complete Manual: This is a 2-part guide of 200 pages. It has information about the best foods and when to eat them.

It also has a section about eliminating inflammatory stressors to maximize the intake of nutrients and in turn increase the burning of fat.

Part I

  • The Lean, Sexy, Shredded Manual: This lists inflammatory foods.
  • The Food Avengers Kit: Provides food combinations for optimal fat burning.
  • The Failproofing Your Fuel System Formula: This teaches people how to act in real life situations such as in restaurants. 

Part II

  • A detailed 4-week plan that aims to maintain muscle mass and increase the burning of fat. In this you’ll find the “Fitness Food” recipes
  • Fitness Food Recipes: Tasty and easily prepared fitness food recipes that do not contain gluten or dairy.
  • Shopping guides
  • Food prep guides
  • Weekly menus 

Usually people have some questions about the process and what it does and how it helps them. To help readers and maybe save them some time here are common common questions with answers for a better Body Fuel System review.


What foods will I be eating?

The system is entirely based on whole unprocessed foods. This means that the foods that are part of the program are natural meats, organic eggs, raw nuts, grains (gluten-free), wild fish, and natural oils. Plus, you will have access to a number of delicious recipes for combining these foods into meals and dishes.

How much weight should I expect to lose?

The answer to this is entirely dependent upon your current excess weight and your metabolic rate. However, most people that use the program lose about 4 pounds during the first week.

Please remember that most of the initial loss is water weight and that the following weeks may not show the same amount of weight loss. In the following weeks one or two pounds are better expectations.

Does this system track calories?

No, it doesn’t count calories, but it does track nutrient density. However, a majority of the foods in the program have a low level of calorie density. This means that the foods help you achieve the elimination of a feeling of hunger while taking in less calories.

The approach creates a calorie density without the practice of counting calories. Calorie count is not required when you are eating healthy whole foods. It is the junk foods we end-up over-eating and that’s the real cause of obesity!

The Downside

This diet program is harder to follow for some people mainly because it is not easy to shift from junk food habit to healthy food. Don’t feel that you have been punished by forcing to eat food you normally don’t like to eat. Remember that the food you ate earlier made your belly fat. One month of lifestyle change will cause good amount of fat loss. Plus eating good food has plenty of health benefits which you already know, hopefully!

Certainly it may be a drawback to cut out some of your favorite foods and processed foods all together. However, in the long run this healthy diet will make for a leaner and healthier you.

DalidaBodyFeulSystem is a Nutrition based diet program as opposed to Workout based program. So there is no torturous exercise to perform. You are encouraged to do  light Cardio activities like walking, jogging etc. As your fitness improves you can perform additional exercises without any equipment or Gym membership. Bonus exercise videos are provided to you.

Weighing yourself 10, 20, 30 pounds lesser is awesome experience to have. Start this diet today, lose 4-5 pounds by next week and begin to feel great about yourself. Losing weight is not a punishment, it feels like huge reward once start to see the result!

Bottom Line

It’s the opinion of my review that the program is an excellent option for those looking to lose weight but don’t want to count calories or feel that they need some guidance and reinforcement to reach their ideal weight.

Buy Now @ 29.95 | Try @ 4.95


Buy Now @ 29.95 | Try @ 4.95