Exercises that boost endurance

Endurance exercises are basically aerobic exercise which aims at prolonging energy output over an extended period of time. They elevate and sustain heart rate over a long time.

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Why do I need endurance exercises?

Stressed out? Do you know that enhancing your endurance can help you beat stress? Yes, you can go beyond the limit and get more jobs done before your body gets tired.   Indulging in endurance boosting workouts builds up more muscle tissues, burns stored fat for fuel, and improve cardiovascular health. It helps you stay fit, lean, and healthy!

Endurance exercises are also used for rehabilitation and training. As a rehabilitative tool for previously active people who were involved in injuries.

Types of endurance boosting exercises

Jogging is an enjoyable and efficient means of exercise. It build leans muscle mass, is efficient at improving cardiovascular health and is one of the best ways for your body to burn calories. Men burn an average of 124 calories per mile of running, and women burn an average of 105 calories per mile. Continuously increasing your stamina is essential for both the novice and veteran runner in order to keep your runs fresh and challenging. http://www.livestrong.com/article/169520-how-to-increase-jogging-stamina/



Spending countless hours in the saddle is no longer enough for pro cyclists to win stages or, better yet, get invited to represent their team at prestigious events, like the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. Fact is, what these elite athletes do indoors is just as important as what they do outdoors. And the same holds true for you. http://www.mensfitness.com/training/endurance/5-exercises-to-build-a-better-body-for-biking

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Along with swimming smooth, swimming with sustainability, or swimming endurance, is the most important skill for a triathlete to have. It does a triathlete no good to get out in front of the pack, swim strong to the first buoy, then completely come apart and struggle the rest of the way. The ability to sustain a high intensity is paramount, behind only smooth in importance. Having a pretty stroke for half the race and then watching your arms come off and float to the bottom of the ocean isn’t terribly useful. http://www.active.com/triathlon/articles/6-sets-to-build-swimming-endurance


Long Distance Walking Opens a Wide World of Endless Possibilities and Better Health. Once you’re bitten by the walking bug, you’ll want to expand your range and enter the wide, wide world of long distance walking. The benefits, both physical and spiritual, are limited only by your imagination and willingness for fitness adventure. http://www.uberwalker.com/long-distance-walking/

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If you’ve never skipped rope before then you should start now. It’s a great way to increase endurance to your breathing, legs and improves your balance and co-ordination. Here’s an example of an effective rope skipping exercise:http://www.mightyfighter.com/top-5-ways-to-improve-your-aerobic-endurance/

It is advisable to consult your physician before commencing any endurance exercise routine, especially if you are elderly and have been sedentary for a long time. Also, if you have any chronic health condition like arthritis, hypertension and diabetes, your doctor can design an approved exercise program that is mild and safe for you. Finally, to achieve the best result from endurance exercises, follow a routine exercise program and monitor your progress.

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